The Million MPH Spacecraft!


This is about, THE MILLION MPH SPACECRAFT. That is what we need to seriously send humans across the solar sytem, We are never going to see humans land anywhere beyond Mars without it.

I started promoting this idea on Google Groups, in general. I have established a group for this, now. The interaction with others provides both input of good new ideas, honest problem considerations, and BAD ideas and invalid objections to the idea. But I need a site where the core info about this concept and effort can presented.

Basically, the idea is that the government will not send humans to anywhere beyond Mars - if ever even does that - without strong public support. Free enterprise would eventually get mankind out across the solar system given enough time. Government can do it much sooner. And create new technology and new industries along the way....just like the Apollo project created the computer chip and, in essense, the computer industry.

So the spinoffs are good. But mainly, I am hoping people will see that human exploration of distant worlds, right here in our own solar system, is in awesomely interesting and worthwhile endeavor.

Open DIscussion Group for the ONE MILLION MPH SPACECRAFT!......


This message of mine on a newsgroup, included below, explains some of the motive for high speed, manned solar system expolration. And how YOU could help, and increase your own chances of visiting a distant world yourself, someday.


Next best to being there: watching a travelogue! Would you like to
vicariously experience a trip to a distant WORLD? And increase the
chances of you being able to go someday?

You can help send explorers to awesome NEW WORLDS! And go with them in

Here's how!

Would you like to see people walk on the large array of awesome
worlds that await us in the OUTER SOLAR SYSTEM? That is, on the stunningly
beautiful and bizarre moons of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune?

Would you like to accelerate YOUR chances of being able to exoplore
these worlds, one day?


SAMPLE OF DESTINATIONS (just a few of many!):  *





Tethys (+):
Hyperion ! :


And more!


Would you like to see the travelogues of the adventurers that you will
send to these worlds? Would like to enhance the possibility of being
able to go yourself?

By organizing to get the government to send pioneers to these
ASTOUNDING PLACES, you will be able to thrill to these adventures from
the comfort of your living room. Just as you can enjoy the moon
voyages of the Apollo astronauts, right now!

Not only that, but this plan can significantly increase the chances
that YOU will be able to go sometime!

Here's the plan:

Congress will act on such things only if it is in the popular will to
do so. If enough people get together to show their support for HUMAN
DEEP SPACE EXPLORATION, then the President and Congress can be
motivated to provide the necessary funding.

Once the cost of blazing the trail to the outer solar system has been
carried by government (NASA), acceleration of plans by private
industry to follow on is likely to occur.

Besides, not only later, but earlier on - with the nearer term Moon
and Mars missions - even the American space agency COULD do something
similar to what the Russiana are already doing! We COULD sell a seat
or two on some or all flights to the Moon and Mars! Not enough to pay
for the whole flight, but if it's enough to defray the total cost to
the tax payer SOME (by, let's say, upwards of a few hundred million
dollars or more), then NASA may consider it! (Note, James Cameron,
the movie producer, asked NASA about its willingness to let him fly on
the Shuttle. NASA said, "Wait." Cameron would probably be still waiting
if the Shuttle program had not been cut short.)

Then, not to put in a plug for gambling but just to note a
possibility: there's always the concept of having a spaceflight as a
Lotto prize. Volvo did this with the Spaceship One-type flight that
it intends to send passengers on, to float momentarily in space.

Ultimately, commercial space tourism to Worlds of Jupiter, the Worlds
of Saturn, including the mystery world Titan, and beyond could be
spurred once NASA has set the example and developed some new
technology, etc.

YOU could HELP this all to happen! Interested in getting together an
organization to promote this further to the public (no money nor
donations involved - it will be a "labor of love" - and internet!) ?
Post here (in the newsgroup linked to, above).



Here is some further explanation about the system we need and getting the government to fund the technology:

(This is another post of mine)



A separately funded project ( DISTINCT from all of NASA's current plans, manned and unmanned) with hundreds of billions of dollars as
necessary, to develop a spacecraft that will:


(You reach 1 million mph in about 14 - 15 hours at one G.)

With sufficient research into nuclear and possibly even antimatter
propulsoin, this can be done.

We are never going to see humans go further across the Solar System
than Mars without it!

The Worlds of Jupiter and Saturn and beyond BECKON US!

We don't want to go?

ADDENDUM: The Orion Project (Acceleration by repeated nuclear
explosions) would be one way. Seems too "contraptionistic" to me, but
if there were no other way...

Many ideas are out there about new propulsion techniques, nuclear and
others. Please excuse the following:

Hitler ordered that the V2 would carry 1 ton of explosives. Nixon
ordered that the space shuttle would have solid rocket boosters.
Please ignore politics and other horrible things, here; my point is:

Pres. or Congress MANDATES 1G, 1 Millon MPH. Funds it! Then it is

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